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Jansen Upright Piano Benches

Upholstered Top
Upright Piano Bench

All upholstered top benches open to allow music storage.

Wood finishes include ebony, mahogany, walnut, ivory, white or unfinished.

Upholstered tops available in black or brown vinyl.

Legs finishes are available in ebony, mahogany, walnut or unfinished.

Dimensions: L29" x W14"xH20"

Price based on finish and leg type.  See chart below.


Upholstered Top Upright Piano Bench
Leg Styles Available

When Ordering:

Use the following  when ordering Upright Benches:
J500S Upright - Square
J500R Upright - Round
J500-86 Upright - Spade Foot
J500-87 Upright - Brass Ferrules
J500-89 Upright - Queen Anne*
J500-90 Upright - Reeded*
J500-91 Upright - Fluted*
J500-92 Upright - Early American*
J500-93 Upright -  Octagonal*
 J500-94 Upright - Louis XV*

* Height of this bench is 19"

Jansen Upholstered Top Upright Piano Bench Leg Styles


 J500S Upright -Square $325.00
 J500R Upright - Round $345.00
 J500-86 Upright - Spade Foot $345.00
 J500-87 Upright - Brass Ferrules $370.00
 J500-89 Upright - Queen Anne $400.00
 J500-90 Upright - Round Reeded  $375.00
 J500-91 Upright - Round Fluted $375.00
 J500-92 Upright - Early American  $375.00
 J500-93 Upright - Octagonal $375.00
 J500-94 Upright - Louis XV $470.00

Hi-Polish - ADD $50.00
White & Ivory Finish - ADD $70.00
Red Mahogany Finish - ADD $70.00

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